Ammadu Lets do Kummudu

This is one of the best mass song in recent times. It comes almost before the climax part of the movie.

In this song we can see megastar in full energy. The fact is that when the song was released into the market most of the people felt that this song is almost like Pakka local song in Janatha Garrage. But the song had no effect with that noise and it made its best views on youtube breaking all records. Finally everyone enjoyed this song.

Coming to this song, the lyrics are given by none other than our D.S.P. He made sure that whole song doesn’t loose any mass effect. Devi Sri Prasad, Ranina Reddy lend their voices for this song.

When it’s mega star no one compromises with dances. This song is choreographed by Shekar master. The Iconic movement in this song took the song to another level. When Charan shares screen with Chiru, it’s mind blowing.


Yo guys! this is not a mass song
This is BOSS song!

Erra chokkane neekosam vesannu
Sarrumantu Foreign scent-e kottanu
Galla lungine trendy ga kattanu
Kalla jodetti neekosam vachannu

Ammadu lets do kummudu

Erra cheeremo eeroje konnanu
Nalla jacket night antha kuttanu
Vaalu jallona mandaram pettanu
Kanne volluantha singaram chuttannu

Pilladu lets do kummudu

Instagram profile picture laga
Bhale masthunade nee andham malle theega

Discovery channel-lo chasing laga
Alaa payi payi ku dookeyaku simham laga

Ammadu lets do kummudu

Mande endalo ice-cream bandila
Cool & cute-ga vunde andham

Rende kallatho dhan dhan stungun-la
Choopula gullatho theesav pranam

Hot ga ghaatuga unde nee hip-uni
Nattuga chattuga patteyana

Rough ga tough unde nee chethitho
Nuvv thakithe nennu phat aayipona

Ammadu lets do kummudu
Thammudu lets do kummudu

Saree kattina salwaare chuttinaa
Alladisthade nee outline

Lorry guddhina land mine-y pelinaa
Neetho polistthe nothing jaanu

Ye step-ule step-ulu neetho veyyalani
Ippude kattina kottha tune

Nippula unna nee wild romance ki
Lippulo dhachina red wine

Ammadu lets do kummudu

Yo guys! this is not a mass song
This is the BOSS song

Ammadu lets do kummudu